Thursday, April 15, 2010

vegan slacking

OK, I know I am 9 days (minus 2 meals) into this vegan thing...and I am SLACKING! I'm about halfway and can tell you this...I MISS CHEESE!

The first few days I wasn't able to cook in my own kitchen, so while I was eating vegan, I wasn't really cooking vegan. That changed last night. I finally went out and gathered the ingredients for a real meal, PLUS finally did the big shopping to replace some things in my pantry. I would have loved to have done this BEFORE I started the cleanse, but time and money made that impossible. It isn't like it costs a lot to do all of this, but for some of my recipes, I had to stock up on the staples. For example, replacing honey with agave nectar, or meats and cheeses with tofu and other soy pretenders.

So, that spring roll recipe I posted a few days ago? Yeah, I made those last night. Welllllllllll, actually, I made an egg roll version. I couldn't find rice paper ANYWHERE, so I bought egg roll wrappers and had to end up cooking the rolls. Which, ended up working DELICIOUSLY! Instead of putting avocado IN the roll, I made an avocado-vegainaise dip for the rolls. MMMMM. So good. And I ate them again for lunch today. :) I did not get a picture because it didn't turn out pretty...but if I attempt them again and make them prettier, I totally will...

On the menu tonight? VEGAN PIZZA! You know what this means? CHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESE! Well, pretend cheese. That is OK with me...I sampled tastes pretty much the same. I whipped up some homemade pizza sauce, threw on some red, green, and yellow peppers..and viola! It's baking as I speak! :)

As far as feeling different with this whole vegan cleanse...I'm not quite sure. I can tell I'm less bloated, but still eating some packaged food, so that is where I fall short. I am, however, visiting the restroom at least twice, sometimes 3, times a day. That's as best as I can say that. :) I am definitely not drinking enough water and working on fixing that.

I haven't been working out (ack!) but I did lose 3 pounds since I started this cleanse. That is exciting. Part of my problem is being home all day and not working...and that will be changing soon, that is great! I was initially going to post my weight on here as a motivation for me to um, ahem, not be that ridiculously fat...but I chickened out. I took a small step towards that and shared the number with a close girlfriend...but sorry blog probably won't know that number until I lose some poundage. In the meantime, I'll just have Jen hold me accountable. :) I can at least tell you how much I'm losing...

I am still struggling with wanting sweets alllllllll the time. I've bought some vegan-friendly stuff...and losing the self-discipline battle. If anyone out there in blogland has suggestions for self-discipline with food, that would be helpful...thank you. :)

Oh look, dinner is ready....

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