Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Last Meal

Well, kind of my last meal. Remember how this vegan thing was going to be 3 weeks long? I’m going to make it a two week deal. I have a few reasons why. So, please, before you go” A-HA! YOU COULDN’T DO IT!” please see my reasons below.

#1 The 21 day part of this cleanse came from Oprah. I never really knew the significance behind the 21 days, I was just listening to Oprah.

#2 Eating vegan somewhat goes against my journey into “clean eating.” Now, you definitely can eat clean as a vegan, but it is more of a challenge. Clean eating is eating as close to the earth as possible, with as little processing done to the foods as possible. Like I said, plenty of vegans do that, but for me, an omnivore and proud of it, I’m finding myself veering towards the more processed foods.

#3 I’ve definitely got the idea of what this cleanse is all about. I won’t go too much into details, but I will say I’ve become more regular than I already was (3 times a day regular!).

So, all those little reasons to say, today was my last full day being vegan. It was a really great two weeks…a lot more in tune with my body, what goes into my body and what causes certain reactions of my body. I will definitely continue to eat as little food that comes from animals, and of course my kitchen is stocked for a vegan for the next few weeks. Actually, I will most likely continue to eat vegan for the foreseeable future, however I know I won’t feel guilt if I slip.

For the last vegan day, it was pretty delish. I had a banana and peanut butter on Ezekiel bread for breakfast, a delicious tofurkey wrap, complete with vegannaise, vegan “cheese”, avocado, water chestnuts and romaine. Mmmm it was delicious. I also made some homemade pita chips AND homemade hummus. Ahhhh heaven. Dinner was a baked potato with a dash of garlic and olive oil, and a salad with veggie chicken. Mmm. I plan on enjoying some Rice Dream ice cream here in a bit, too.

It was a great two weeks, but I’m officially off the cleanse. Stay tuned for the next part of this journey…the definition of clean eating and how I do with THAT. Woo wee, could be a doozie! :)

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